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Aplex Pumps
Aplex Pumps

Manufacturing pumps since 1870, Myers is recognized worldwide for quality, service and innovation.The Industrial Pump Division realizes that success in today's global environment depends on much more than brick and mortar. Myers' focus is on the customer and their needs.

Aplex Reciprocating Plunger PumpAplex Reciprocating Pumps SC Series
Built for “intermittent duty” at full ratings for shift type of work, i.e. eight hours per day. This pump line offers the same design features as the MA Series in a smaller more compact and cost-effective design for this type of work and follows

SC Series Pump Features:

Flows up to 585 GPM
Pressure ratings up to 6,500 PSI
Horsepower ratings to 400
Temperatures to 400° F
Metallurgyies available are ductile iron, aluminum bronze, carbon steel, or stainless steel

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