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Dekker Vacuum Technologies
Dekker Vacuum Technologie

Dekker Vacuum Technologies has grown to be one of the top vacuum equipment suppliers in the industry. Dekker is both a supplier of bare vacuum pumps and complete vacuum systems.

Dekker Vacuum Technologies PageTitan Series
High efficiency single and two stage liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors
• Designed for heavy duty applications
• Manufactured to ISO9001 standards
• Low operating noise level
• Virtually no maintenance is required
• Compact design results in small footprint design
• Capable of handling small amounts of liquids
• Operates using various seal fluids
• Standard 316 stainless steel impeller

Dekker Vacuum Technologies PageMaxima-K Series
Maxima-K series pumps are built to high quality standards and hve the ability to handle large amounts of condensibles. The condensing effect increases the actual pump capacity dramatically when handling saturated gas mixtures


Dekker Vacuum Technologies PageDuraVane Series
DuraVane lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps are well-designed, reliable and economically priced.
• Heavy duty construction
• Compact design, small footprint
• High-tech vane material provides long vane life
• Gas ballast valve is standard
• Low noise level
• Low maintenance
• Air-cooled design
• Direct drive
• Simple to install

Dekker Vacuum Technologies PageV-MAX Series
The Vmax VFD oil sealed vacuum systems are liquid ring vacuum pump systems using oil as the seal liquid. The systems (in capacities ranging from 150 - 4500 CFM) operatie with a Variable Frequency Drive which reduces the speed of the vacuum pump when demand for vacuum decreases, resulting in substantial savings.

Dekker Vacuum Technologies PageAqua Seal System
Dekker Vacuum AquaSeal systems are available in capacities from 20-10,000 CFM and can be offered in a wide variety of materials for tough appications.

AquaSeal full recovery water sealed liquid ring vacuum pump systems recover and re-use close to 100% of the seal-water. Because of heat build-up, a heat exchanger needs to be used. However, if the separator tank is large and the pump is small, radiation can dissipate sufficient heat and the system could work without a heat exchanger.

Chem Seal Series
Same as Aqua Seal System but uses solvents and other fluids as the sealing liquid

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